• Cameron Fox

    Cameron Fox

    Head of School, American International School, Hong Kong.

  • Alex Vitlin

    Alex Vitlin

    Opining digitally at @alexvitlin

  • Brendan Dawes

    Brendan Dawes

    I no longer post on Medium. I prefer to put content on my own site, which I control. Please visit brendandawes.com

  • Fredrik Johansson

    Fredrik Johansson

    Design Lead at Daresay Digital Agency @daresayumea and Product Designer / Co-founder Raft Calendar @joinraft

  • Glenn Brunetti

    Glenn Brunetti

    Interests #publicservice, #egov, #opengov, public engagement #servicedesign #designthinking #ux #gov20 & food educator / enthusiast. My own views posted.

  • irdz


    Software engineer. Amateur triathlete, carpet installer, water polo player, and scooter mechanic. I can sell anything on Craigslist.

  • Andy Witt

    Andy Witt

    Pioneering positive futures for a well world.

  • Harriet Wakelam

    Harriet Wakelam

    Future practice. Learner, human. Making to describe. Start ups and end ups. My work (in microscopic format) makes the world a safer place. Currently @IAG

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